Belle Époque / fashion / commercial

Staging a photograph is similar to painting on canvas. Rather than capturing a moment, staging images consciously places elements and arranges compositions, creating an image in a prepared environment. In addition to our role as a photographer, we also become a director, stage and costume designer, make-up artist and from time to time a performer.

A staged photograph in the monastery in Rajhrad, costumes from the stage operation of Czech Television, a composition of a woman from the 1920s and a monk in the original library in the Rajhrad monastery complex

Staged photo in the St. Vojtěch summer house, costumes from the stages operation of Czech Television, period of the 20s of the last century

Staged photography is a form of photography where the photographer, like a director, stages everything in advance to have full control over how his or her idea is visualized. Although the staging of a photograph was already common in the early days of photography, it was not distinguished as a separate genre until the 1980s, when some photographers began to establish themselves as conceptual artists.