The Book / surreal things

I started creating the “quiet life” photographs of the book more than ten years ago. It was just to focus on an arranged scene with one of the oldest human creations that accompanies us throughout our lives without any background. Often with only simple props.  It was a simple subjective act to immortalize the book and its symbolic importance in history.

“Among the most effective, enduring, and oldest means of communicating human thoughts and feelings is the book.” The book spreads these thoughts through time and space.

What is a book? An answer to Kant’s question.

If, then, a book is to be likened to a man, it is because God made the human being in the same way as the work that comes from the printing press.

Paredes adopts the image of the book as a human creation. However, for him, the soul of the book is not only the text itself, as it was composed, dictated, and intended by its creator. The text is presented to her in a certain adequate arrangement, “una acertada disposición”: “the perfection of the book consists in its good learning, properly presented thanks to the printer and proofreader, this is what I consider the soul of the book; and good printing, clean and carefully executed, which makes me compare the book with a graceful and elegant body”. If the body of the book is the result of the work of the printers, its “soul” is not only shaped by the author, but gets its form thanks to everyone, the master printer, typesetter and proofreader who take care of punctuation, spelling and page layout.