Against the system

One of the short reports of protest Worker´s Party and its involvement including the march and meeting in Jihlava. Of course, the presence of the police and its interference due to the participation of anarchists and the other hardline present participants. Everything happened “almost” at rest.

Czech Antifa is engaged in promotional, informational and practical forms of struggle against all authoritarian ideologies and groups seeking any form of oppression, primarily neo-Nazism, fascism and the ultra-right, but also manifestations of the authoritarian left, such as Stalinist Bolshevism. Similarly, she often speaks out against the current system, which she believes is bringing ever greater control over people’s lives, the plundering of nature and the deepening of social and economic inequality throughout the world. From the text of Antifa

The AFA brings together radical anti-fascists and anti-fascists who form local autonomous groups throughout the Czech Republic, where they preferentially carry out their activities. At the same time, they voluntarily associate themselves in supra-regional structures, depending on their place of activity or field of activity. The internal structure of autonomous groups is based on the natural equality of all its members, without artificial authorities and leaders. From the text of Antifa

Why are we doing it the way we’re doing it?

We believe that a key aspect of human existence is freedom. But responsibility is also an integral part of human freedom. Responsibility for one’s own actions, which should be inherent in every human being. Of course, we also recognize that both freedom and responsibility hurt. It is undoubtedly easier to give up one’s own opinions and activities and with them all responsibility for one’s own life. But if we do that, what is left of our lives? From the text of Antifa