Appearance, character and mood

In practice, the artist describes the search for natural laws in the proportions of the human figure, towards the search for ideal beauty in the order of mathematical proportionality, in […]

Woman in Chiaroscuro

Not only do we photograph light, but we can consciously literally draw and paint with it, just like a painter with a brush or a graphic artist with a pencil, […]


Project Aristocrats, containing a photographic documentary of aristocratic families, began in 2008. It includes documentary portraits of members of aristocratic families who live or lived in the Czech Republic, formerly […]

Darkness has no shadow

Photographic illustration for Arnošt Lustig’s book – “Darkness has no shadow” A novel about the escape of two Jewish boys from a transport to a concentration camp and their painful […]

The Book / surreal things

I started creating the “quiet life” photographs of the book more than ten years ago. It was just to focus on an arranged scene with one of the oldest human […]

New Forest

The New Forest is not just a forest, as its name might suggest, but rather a mixture of ancient and ornamental woodland, open heathland, river and valley wetlands and coastal […]

The Habermann´s mill

The premises of the old mill, scented with nostalgia, give this place a unique atmosphere. Respect for things, perhaps long forgotten by others, can really move a person. You’ll realize […]

Anno Domini “0”

On the peaks of the Dolomites in northeastern Italy, which is currently the domain of high-altitude tourists and skiers, things looked completely different more than a hundred years ago. During […]

SS Nomadic

The SS Nomadic, a steamship of the White Star Line was launched on 25 April 1911 in Belfast. She was built as an auxiliary ship for the luxury liners RMS […]