Project Aristocrats, containing a photographic documentary of aristocratic families, began in 2008. It includes documentary portraits of members of aristocratic families who live or lived in the Czech Republic, formerly in Czechoslovakia or Austria-Hungary. It is a long-term project that is still ongoing and behind it are hundreds of hours of time spent in the places where people lived who were forever written in the history of our country. The file already contains footage of dozens of aristocratic families.

The Czech nobility, or also the Czech noble state, refers to the historical layer of aristocracy in the Czech lands, i.e. the privileged social class that held power and property on the basis of noble descent and heredity. The Czech nobility emerged and developed from the Middle Ages until modern history. It had its legal and social privileges, owned large estates, enjoyed privileges and had considerable political influence.

The nobility was an important part of Czech history and influenced the country’s politics, culture, economy and society. Although today the nobility does not have the same political and social influence as in the past, it still exists as a historical and cultural phenomenon.

The current nobility of the Lands of the Czech Crown, or rather its descendants (nobility has been abolished since the founding of the republic after 1918), primarily includes the restitutors of family castles, castles and occasionally palaces in cities, as well as the nobility who do not have noble residences in the Lands of the Czech Crown, but currently lives here.