Jiří Nováček

Current executive, curator of exhibitions, creator of concepts of photographic and artistic creation, artistic and documentary photographer.
Since the beginning of the 1990s, he has worked in several companies in senior and middle managerial positions, mainly in management and management, as well as in human resources, he has been involved in work process organization, acquisitions and realization of corporate projects, including training and seminars.

He is the founder of NAVIS VISION Ltd, which is focused both on aerial axonometric work and processing of classic urban and modern architecture, sacral architecture, exteriors, interiors and the landscape itself.
Furthermore, the company is engaged in publishing, post-production, graphics, processing of historical materials, curatorial and exhibition projects. Currently, it has opened more than twenty-five exhibitions and exhibition spaces not only with its own production from the field of photography, but also fine arts and other genres.

In the United Kingdom, where he studied and worked at the Victoria & Albert Museum of Specialized and Applied Art in London, he participated in many important exhibitions and projects. At the same time, one of his exhibition sets full of significant authenticity is being created here – the documentary “London’s Walk”, which was presented after returning to the Czech Republic back in 2007.
He is a graduate of the department of the Silesian University in Opava. His initial work was also created in the studio of Ivo Holán and other artists.
Over the last 25 years of his practice, he has created not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. He often creates subjective documentary sets full of personal experiences, perceptions and moods.
A comprehensive set from 2008–2009 called “Gradus Ad Deum” describes the life of Benedictine monks in the Rajhrad monastery complex. In 2017, there is a real thematic return and a follow-up to the previous set of Benedictines called “Reditus”. In the Želiv monastery, a documentary of the “white brothers” of the Premonstrate order, whose community has lived here since the 12th century – “Alba Levi Viam Nostra” – has been produced since 2018.
In 2011, he finishes and simultaneously publishes a documentary from the social care area “Domicilia”, which is also presented in several places as part of joint exhibitions with works of art by autistic and disabled children called “Secrets of the Soul” and “Metamorphosis”.
On travels in the Balkans, a set of “Romanians” is created, another one in Germany “Unconventional”, In Holland, a colourful documentary “Transmissie” (2009–2011) presented in 2013 at the International Documentary Film Festival was produced with partly sociological information.
In 2015, after several years, a distinctive portrait from the life of a horse breeder and trainer for the film studios “Two Springs – “Inter Hominem et Equum”, which collaborated, for example, on the filming of the film Amadeus by Miloš Forman, the film Night Riders, in the fairy tales Three Veterans of Oldřich Lipský or Salt Over Gold is closed and presented. In 2023 he had an exhibition of a subjective documentary in Jihlava based on photojournalism called Verloren.
He also focuses on long-term documentary projects – for more than fifteen years, an extensive cycle from the life of aristocratic families in Bohemia, Moravia and Austria, which has not yet been completed, is being created. Other documentaries characterising projects continue in this series (Berousek circus – The world behind the curtain, Anno Domini “0” – War in the Dolomites – Italy, “Nomadic – Steamship Of the White Star Line” – Ireland, and subjective document from France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Great Britain, Scotland etc… In Spain, he handles the architecture of the representative of Catalan modernism Antonio Gaudí in a distinctive way with an emphasis on details – “Superficie, Coloresy, Proximity, Formas”
In short-term sequences, he concentrates on photographs of “Youth workers…”, sometimes with a partial focus on artistic or commercial photography with a reportage, emotive or aesthetic subtext, staged work and graphics inspired for example by the First Republic and free interpretations of paintings. Characteristic portraits of well-known personalities and ordinary people are another part of his work. In part, his handwriting also affected fashion photography, the output of which was the exhibition set “Untitled Fashion” in 2012. Selection of curatorial projects: Painter František Pořický 1st Republic; History of the Želiv Monastery; Painter František Matula, incl. publication “Paintings”, Soul from the Periphery – 37 years of psychiatry

+ 420 604 494 224 novacek.ji@seznam.cz