František Matula

František Matula was born in 1953 in Kyjov. He is a member of the Association of Painters Podblanicka in Vlašim. He was influenced by his meeting with the folk painter Jiřina Spurna and his friendship with the painters Josef  Krejčiřík, Jan Soukup, Karel Valtr, Bedřich Budil and Zbyšek Sion. A lifelong friendship with the poet Ludvík Kundera from the eighties of the last century was a great benefit.

František Matula’s work is carried on two intertwining lines. On the one hand, it is a lyrical abstraction, and on the other, a landscape painting with elements of animism and fantastic. The landscape is often represented in hints with strong color tones that give it a dreamy touch. His subjects often have several image variants, as proof of the search for the best expression.

 In recent years, he has also been dealing with subjects from the surroundings of his residence – the Želivka water reservoir, which evokes him to return to a kind of primitive landscape.

His paintings are also inspired by stories from poems and literary works, for example by Jakub Deml, Ludvík Kundera or R. M. Rilke and others, the most common technique is acrylic on hardboard, canvas and wood.

František Matula & Ludvík Kundera