Gaudí – Space and fate

The work of Antoni Gaudí is quite special in its distinctive appearance of modern world art. His buildings and projects attract many artists, historians and theorists for their emotional expression and their incredibly dreamlike character.

Among architects, he has a rightful respect for his pioneering constructive solutions and virtuosic construction execution. Gaudí’s perfection and unity in his artistic feeling and technical thinking deeply affected me and thus became the object of my search.

Especially his interior designs, which were very modern for the time when they were created and could be characterized as “the search for perfection”. The floors of Gaudí’s buildings have many square meters, they are full of original details with organic shapes in the form of various windings, twisted shapes and decorative elements, details and integration of natural elements. He drew inspiration from nature and incorporated elements such as curves, parabolic arcs and biomimetics into his designs. Gaudí believed that architecture should harmonize with its surroundings and tried to create buildings that were in harmony with nature.

Everything is complemented by colored ceramic tiles that contrast with wooden window frames and other color or dimensional gradations. Arches and other shapes are often used for the indirect passage of light, which creates lighting effects in the space. The rooms have a guaranteed sufficient supply of daylight and well-thought-out ventilation. In his architectural work, Antonio Gaudí always reckoned with the effect of light and shadow and never considered a perfect building that was not at least partially solved in terms of color.

Gaudí’s remarkable, original, colorful buildings continue to captivate even today, more than ninety years after the death of this great artist. Know that you don’t have to be a great connoisseur of art and you can easily recognize Gaudi’s buildings. The common features of most of his buildings really leave you in no doubt…

There are no straight lines or sharp corners in nature. Therefore, buildings must have no straight lines or sharp corners.

Antoni Gaudí

“Men may be divided into two types: men of words and men of action. The first speaks; the latter act. I am of the second group. I lack the means to express myself adequately. I would not be able to explain to anyone my artistic concepts. I have not yet concretised them. I never had time to reflect on them. My hours have been spent in my work.”

Antoni Gaudí