Dance evenings in Berlin, people gather at the Bundestag building by the river Spree. Other music also plays from a small speaker in the open space. Diverse couples immediately get moving and people of different ages dance together and show off their creations with ease. These moments also give me a sense of freedom and joy from what I see and feel. Everything is so unengineered, natural, self-evident, moments full of looks.

Love expressed through dance, loneliness, rain, the rustling of the wind in the fallen leaves, the flight of swans over the lake at sunset, or maybe just not wanting to get up in the morning. Pure joy in life, as if from one’s own voice and its harmony with the voices of others. Even as an observer, I get carried away…

The body is an inherent part of a person, it forms his external appearance. The human body is a living organism capable of perception and experience, and unlike other animals, humans can consciously shape their bodies. This represents one of the main tasks of physical culture. However, the goal cannot be mere physical formation, but the harmonious development of a person in his entirety. The body is precisely what we use to realize the dance, it is its movements, vibrations, which include: steps, jumps, facial expression, etc. This often completes the characteristics of dance expression.

What does the term body or human corporeality include? If I understand the physicality of a person as the perception of oneself, one’s own body, we can leave the body as a means of dancing. We can use dance precisely as a connection between a person’s body, physicality and spirit. Or we can perceive dance in connection with physicality as a means, a way of meeting body with body. Dance can also express something from our inner perception, which is manifested thanks to the movements of our body.

“We have to let the psychic process take its course, for us it is a real art that many people do not understand at all, because their consciousness constantly intervenes in everything by helping, correcting, rejecting and unable to let the psychic process simply arise and develop in peace ,” C.G. Jung “Man and the Soul”