Berousek circus – The world behind the curtain

More than 100 years ago, Ignác Berousek founded the tradition of the well-known and famous Berousek Circus. The first circus marquee, named after its founder, was created in 1918 from street juggling. The successor of the circus family, Ferdinad Berousek, son of Ignác Berousek, renamed “Cirkus Berousek” to “Cirkus Centrál” in 1941.

The Berousek family traveled halfway around the world under the auspices of the State Circus. More than one circus company is based on family traditions like this one. Families of circus performers pass their skills and knowledge from one generation to the next. This creates a specific family atmosphere and togetherness among the members of the circus community.

The images document not only everyday life, but also the concentration and preparation of circus performers behind the curtain of the arena, in a place that becomes an inconspicuous and quiet space before a demanding performance. In the following moments, this is replaced by a place of full lights with bursts of energy from the arena, which alternate moments with audience applause and tense silence, in which, among other things, countless small hints take place… Everyday life with thousands of subtle gestures, glances, gentle smiles and relieved smiles. These are the moments in which we find the very essence of a person.

The circus community is a very closed group of people. There are artists from all over the world with a love for the circus craft and respect for animals. I find our good and bad qualities, the ability to help, the desire for perfection and beauty, love, courage and cohesion. The romance and heaviness of the people from Maringoteka is evident here at every step, their daily routine endlessly meets with happiness and sadness, and especially with the life that has the name Circus. An environment full of nostalgic memories and sentimental emotions.

Clown Sydney, real name Sidney Balder, was born to a mixed German-Spanish couple on July 27, 1973 in Berchtesgaden, Germany. He is the third generation of a circus family. His grandfather was already a famous clown, so he decided to follow in his footsteps. Children’s naivety, conflict and honestly played emotions. These are the building blocks for short clown studies. A naive dreamer, clumsy in his actions masterfully manipulating the energy of the audience and creating different reactions – Sidney Balder.

“The circus is a beautiful facility, but it asks to do everything. It marks its devotees with an inviolable sign and demands of them fidelity to the grave.”

Eduard Bass