Tanz is das Lied des Körper

Dance evenings in Berlin, people gather at the Bundestag building by the river Spree. Other music also plays from a small speaker in the open space. Diverse couples immediately get […]

Appearance, character and mood

In practice, the artist describes the search for natural laws in the proportions of the human figure, towards the search for ideal beauty in the order of mathematical proportionality, in […]

Woman in Chiaroscuro

Not only do we photograph light, but we can consciously literally draw and paint with it, just like a painter with a brush or a graphic artist with a pencil, […]

Gallery, black & white

Street photography is all about expectations. You don’t just have to be good at spotting beautiful moments, but know that they will happen. Try to spend as much time as […]

Gallery, color

Trying to define street photography is almost like trying to define what is sweet or salty. You can’t quite describe it, but you know it when you see it. There […]


Project Aristocrats, containing a photographic documentary of aristocratic families, began in 2008. It includes documentary portraits of members of aristocratic families who live or lived in the Czech Republic, formerly […]