Gaudí – Space and fate

The work of Antoni Gaudí is quite special in its distinctive appearance of modern world art. His buildings and projects attract many artists, historians and theorists for their emotional expression […]

Darkness has no shadow

Photographic illustration for Arnošt Lustig’s book – “Darkness has no shadow” A novel about the escape of two Jewish boys from a transport to a concentration camp and their painful […]

London´s Walk / exhibition set

Evaluation of the author’s work by Jan Hlavatý: What is particularly interesting about Jiří Nováček’s photographs, which were taken during his working stay in London, is that he does not […]

The Book / surreal things

I started creating the “quiet life” photographs of the book more than ten years ago. It was just to focus on an arranged scene with one of the oldest human […]

New Forest

The New Forest is not just a forest, as its name might suggest, but rather a mixture of ancient and ornamental woodland, open heathland, river and valley wetlands and coastal […]

The Habermann´s mill

The premises of the old mill, scented with nostalgia, give this place a unique atmosphere. Respect for things, perhaps long forgotten by others, can really move a person. You’ll realize […]

The Brothers

Their father Bohuslav Reynek was one of the most important Czechoslovak artists of the 20th century, he was a poet, a well-known graphic artist (he is primarily known for his […]