Tanz is das Lied des Körper

Dance evenings in Berlin, people gather at the Bundestag building by the river Spree. Other music also plays from a small speaker in the open space. Diverse couples immediately get […]

Gallery, black & white

Street photography is all about expectations. You don’t just have to be good at spotting beautiful moments, but know that they will happen. Try to spend as much time as […]

Gallery, color

Trying to define street photography is almost like trying to define what is sweet or salty. You can’t quite describe it, but you know it when you see it. There […]

The Brothers

Their father Bohuslav Reynek was one of the most important Czechoslovak artists of the 20th century, he was a poet, a well-known graphic artist (he is primarily known for his […]

Romanians – Relocatori

The Banat was a Hungarian province until 1919, administered by a “ban” appointed by the Hungarian king. Hence, this territory is called Banat. When the Banat (at that time called […]

Against the system

One of the short reports of protest Worker´s Party and its involvement including the march and meeting in Jihlava. Of course, the presence of the police and its interference due […]